Roles-based design

Our bank database and analytics solution is designed to work the same way you do, offering views to deliver the information that pertains to the role of each user:

  • Strategy
  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • Operations

Big picture strategy

Board members and C-level executives can view dashboard reports of all of the data necessary to design growth strategies.

  • Customize dashboards to spotlight key areas of interest
  • Gain insights of performance and predictive insights to winning strategies

Profit-driven financial insight

Highlight the products and services that generate profitability and enable your organization to capitalize on their performance.

  • Pinpoint profitability at the account, branch, region, and enterprise level
  • Identify exposures to minimize risk in the portfolio

More effective marketing

Use the insights gained to segment customers based on profitability, then target messages to those customers to get the highest ROI out of your relationships.

  • Closed-loop marketing automation generates new sources of revenue and profit
  • Measure marketing effectiveness and improve performance
  • Use predictive analytics to create targeted, top-of-mind campaigns