Banker Application

Baker Hill NextGen® Banker Application is an easy-to-use lending software solution that removes the friction between the gathering of application data and the decisioning of the loan.

Seamlessly integrated with Baker Hill NextGen®, the banker application helps guide lending staff through the application process, allowing bankers to match requests to the appropriate loan products at their institution.

Intuitive Lending Software

Baker Hill NextGen® Banker Application is an intuitive loan application tool that enhances the ability to leverage each conversation with consumer, small business, and commercial lending customers to generate loan growth. The solution empowers financial institution staff with the most innovative and convenient tools to assist customers with their applications.  

  • Grow without sacrificing accuracy. The Baker Hill NextGen® Banker Application allows your institution to configure the loan application flows and information requirements for each product offering, so your staff can be confident that a complete application is submitted each time. This helps avoid compliance challenges and eliminates reprocessing delays caused by errors and omissions or by requests being paired with the wrong solution.
  • Empower staff throughout the application process. Each financial institution can define the types of loans accepted through the loan application software so that only the relevant products are supported by the appropriate members of your staff. The status of a submitted application request is always transparent, allowing staff to confidently provide status updates to applicants when necessary.
  • Go digital. The banker application is a lending solution that moves each financial institution one step closer to a fully paperless process for managing loan applications from its customers. 

Features & Functionality

  • Configurable Application Workflows
  • Increased Efficiency and Consistency
  • Supports Regulatory and Compliance Efforts

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