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An Ode (or maybe a ditty) to Silicon Valley Bank With a Little Help from ChatGPT

The news this week was all Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), and that makes total sense. The lure of money, technology, and mixed with the location is the story of upcoming Netflix documentaries. But I wanted to be a bit more...

Banking in the Balance: The Highs and Lows of Profitability in Today's Banking Landscape

Prediction: I expect a run on Etsy for bank executives to have some kind of wall art with the famous lines from the Charles Dickens novel, “A Tale of Two Cities.” “It was the best of times, it was the...

Managing Risk in Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

The Fed made headlines in February with its 8 th interest rate hike in the last year. Consumers and businesses are in a tight squeeze, trying to withstand continued inflation while adjusting to higher interest rates. Not only does the...

Commercial Lending in a Recession: What Credit Unions Should Know

Credit unions reached a milestone in 2022 as commercial loan portfolios passed the $100 billion mark early in the year and continued growing at a solid pace. In only six months, credit union business loan portfolios grew 12.7%, or $12.4...

A Banker’s Honest Perspective on Digitizing the Lending Experience

Digital transformation in lending is essential in today’s tech-enabled world. Borrowers increasingly expect a modern, intuitive, and convenient lending experience – from completing a loan application to receiving a decision on the approval status of their application. At the same...

The Secret to Loan Growth in a Slow Economy

Higher interest rates are here to stay and while experts anticipate additional rate hikes in 2023, the biggest rate increases are likely behind us, according to Bankrate . While interest rates may not rise as sharply this year as they...
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