Data Interchange

Seamlessly integrate data across platforms and processes. 

Baker Hill NextGen® Data Interchange seamlessly integrates data across platforms and processes. Optimize loan origination, expedite information sharing and decisioning, boost efficiency, and enhance customer service. 

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Integrate data across platforms and speed up your loan origination process with Baker Hill NextGen® Data Interchange. 

  • Bridge the data. With this data bridge between CRM and originationyou can capture loan opportunity information within Baker Hill NextGen® CRM or other third-party CRM providers, and then push the information directly into your Baker Hill NextGen® loan origination system. 
  • Constant updates. Since data is always current and continuously analyzed in accordance with your institution’s policy, the centralized performance database becomes a reliable resource for satisfying critical management reporting needs. 
  • Direct distribution of loan origination dataFurther automate your origination process by joining an XML feed of data directly to your financial institution’s data warehouse (or other reporting database) and retrieving application data in XML format throughout the day in real time. 

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