Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)

Remain compliant with Baker Hill NextGen® CECL.

Establish and monitor loan pools to measure expected credit loss and its impact on your institution's performance. 

Loss Methodology Software

Baker Hill NextGen® CECL integrates with Baker Hill’s lending and risk management solutions, providing you the engine to power your CECL needs. 

  • Robust loan level data store. Support the data demands required by CECL by leveraging the data available within your loan organization such as core loan, loan origination, loan monitoring, and other types to enrich the data that powers Baker Hill NextGen® CECL. 
  • Flexible loan pooling. Multiple loan pools can be merged into a single pool, individual loan pools can be split into multiple pools as pool sizes and loss data availability increase, and loans can be moved from one pool to another. The flexible loss pooling method offers nearly unlimited options. 
  • Automated risk rating and configurable scorecards. Streamline the effort required to determine the probability of loss for your portfolio at the loan level. Combining Baker Hill NextGen® CECL and Baker Hill NextGen® Statement Spreading allows you to create powerful insights such as automated risk rating and configurable scorecards to drive significant improvements in your bottom line.

Features & Functionality

  • Flexible CECL methodology selection for unique portfolios
  • Complete array of analysis and reporting options
  • Adaptable segmentation of loan portfolio pools

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