Features & Functionality with Positive Impact

Solve your biggest business needs with Baker Hill.

Baker Hill delivers a holistic banking platform with intuitive interfaces for both bankers and clients. Our scalable features make it easy for financial institutions of all sizes to solve for common problems. With Baker Hill NextGen®, your financial institution can effectively generate growth, manage risk, and increase profitability.

Gain Efficiency

Designed to automate processes and eliminate re-keying of information, Baker Hill NextGen® has built-in features that create more efficiency and streamline your lending workflow. 

Reduce Risk

Redefine the way you manage loan portfolios and improve the quality of your portfolio by turning reactive, manual account review into an automated, continuous process. Save time, mitigate risk, and gain a full view of your loan portfolio.

Drive Growth and Profitability

Make decisions based on data, not guesswork. Attract and retain valuable clientele with a solution that combines business processes and customer information into one tool.