Client Portal

Engaging borrowers in the loan origination process. 

With the Baker Hill NextGen® Client Portal, the customer experience is improved by simplifying routine tasks and enhancing communications between you and the borrower during the loan application process, allowing bankers to provide dialogue and guidance. 

Client Engagement Portal Software 

The Baker Hill NextGen® Client Portal is a solution that is accessible to both you and your customers so you can meet their desire for a convenient and simple communication process. 

  • Make lending a two-way street. Seamlessly integrates with the Baker Hill NextGen® loan origination process platforms, creating the most efficient loan application in the industry. Dynamic technology with responsive design maximizes digital outreach to customers. 
  • Loan status transparency. With Baker Hill NextGen® Client Portal, your customers can track their application from submission to loan closing. This transparency will help remove the stress your customers often feel during the loan application process.  
  • Provide secure access to all relevant parties. Portal users can authorize collaboration amongst their key business partners, such as accountants, attorneys, and more.  

Features & Functionality 

  • Digital banking experience
  • Online loan application
  • Secure document upload
  • Interactive messaging

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