Data Security & Compliance

Baker Hill views its security program as an extension of our clients’. We take our data stewardship responsibilities seriously, as it is the foundation upon which trust is developed and maintained with our clients. Baker Hill provides appropriate security measures both internally and externally. Nothing is more critical to financial institutions than their customers’ trust—and we’re committed to helping protect that trust.

Data Security

Baker Hill’s application environment was purpose-built to take advantage of modern cloud architecture and secure design principles. Data is always encrypted while in-transit, even within the internal application environment network. All client data is encrypted at-rest using AES-256, sitting behind internal and perimeter firewalls. 

Our applications were also designed using modern security capabilities. They support SAML for SSO, MFA, and the ability to enforce each client’s unique password policies. It all sits behind our web application firewall.

Solution Availability  

We know that our clients depend upon our solutions to get the job done. If those applications aren’t there, work stops. Baker Hill’s partnership with Microsoft Azure was predicated on a decision to pursue disaster resilience. A disaster resilient environment is characterized by its ability to maintain availability despite the introduction of factors that would otherwise cause a service disruption. Baker Hill’s environments hosted within Microsoft’s Azure Cloud inherit system, network, power, and even facility redundancies that enable Baker Hill’s solutions to withstand disruptive events that would compel many companies to invoke their disaster recovery plan. Sometimes, even the most resilient environment fails so we are ready to recover to a secondary site 2,500 miles away from our primary region if our resilience fails. 


We know that vendor risk management is a pain so we try to make it as simple for our clients as we can.  To start, our solutions are designed to comply with the applicable GLBA requirements. We also provide an annual SOC 2 Type II report that covers much of the OCC-recommended security considerations. Our self-service portal provides 20+ more assurance documents to further illustrate how we are taking data security as seriously as you do.

If you’d like to learn more about Baker Hill’s security and compliance programs please contact us, we’d love to chat.