Loan Origination Software

A banking solution that increases the ease of loan origination.

Reduce time, mitigate risk, support compliance, and improve the consistency of your loan origination process. Our loan origination software serves the needs of business and consumer lenders in a mobile-responsive architecture.

Commercial Lending

From start to finish, you can transform and manage the entire lending process for commercial and mid-sized enterprises using Baker Hill’s loan origination software.

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Small Business Lending

Manage business credit requests of all sizes with greater speed and consistency. By facilitating consistency and effectiveness in the lending process, you will minimize portfolio risk and be more responsive to your clients’ needs.

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Consumer Lending

Process consumer loan applications more efficiently at competitive rates—all while controlling credit risk—with a proven solution that conforms to your policies, mitigates credit risk, and ensures compliance.

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Loan Origination Software Features

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