Omnichannel Marketing

Data Driven Deposit and Loan Growth Solutions

Baker Hill NextGen® Omnichannel Marketing determines which accounts are profitable and which need nurturing so you can effectively identify and communicate to key target markets.

Growth-Focused Marketing

Grow deposits and loans systematically while keeping your costs low, expanding margins, and engaging more account holders. Our goal is to help you get the highest ROI from your relationships using Baker Hill NextGen Omnichannel Marketing to evaluate relationships, target key markets, and boost sales and retention. 

How It Works

1. Set Goals - We'll use your data to run an opportunity assessment and together select a deposit and loan growth goal. Our peer-to-peer normative database delivers benchmarked metrics.

2. Determine Targets - Predictive analytics identifies those members with the capacity and propensity to deposit or borrow more money with you. 

3. Execute Campaigns - Working with your financial institution we develop and execute an omnichannel program. 

4. Track Results - Your marketing team reviews and approves campaigns and monitors the results, which are meticulously tracked and reported. 

5. Performance-Based Pricing - Your institution is only charged for new deposits and loans established during the goal-setting process. No charge for halo accounts (non-targeted products). 

The key to data-driven marketing is execution. We execute like a machine. We track every campaign. You hold us accountable. 

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