Small Business Loan Origination

Streamline your small business lending process.

With Baker Hill NextGen® Small Business Loan Origination, manage business credit requests of all sizes with greater speed and consistency. 


Small Business Lending Software

Banks and credit unions can manage credit requests of all sizes with greater speed and consistency using Baker Hill’s proven technology solution for small business lending. 

  • Effortless operations. Baker Hill NextGen® Small Business Loan Origination empowers you to process applications, easily track the effectiveness of your process, and generate reports anywhere you have an Internet connection. Process applications safely and securely through a highly secure processing environment. Web-based accessibility generates reports anywhere you have an Internet connection. 
  • Analysis based on your credit policies. Small Business Loan Origination supports multiple decision strategies and processes for your business applications, including scored or non-scored/judgmental as well as auto decision with manual review and always manual review. 
  • Expedited loan applications. Automate and speed up the application process by prefilling loan applications with applicant information to decrease the amount of data entry and training required and reduce the potential for errors. 

Additional Features

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