Commercial Lending

Manage complex relationships. 

Baker Hill NextGen® Commercial Loan Origination can help you address all your commercial lending needs in a single, integrated platform. 

Commercial Lending Software

From start to finish, you can transform and manage the entire commercial lending process for commercial and mid-sized enterprises using Baker Hill’s solutions provide a framework to automate, integrate, and streamline all aspects of commercial lending. 

  • Drive underwriting efficiency. Our commercial lending system enables your institution to create the most efficient decisioning process with an optimized credit approval process that leverages workflow automation and business rules. Our single platform simplifies processes and improves efficiency. 
  • Integrated financial statement analysis. Our commercial lending solution provides the data you need to gain a complete view of every applicant, so you make quality lending decisions. Access aggregated personal and business financial history and get the relevant data you need, when you need it, for completing the underwriting process. 
  • Grow and develop client relationships. Encourage strategic sales planning and service integration across lines of business to nurture relationships with clients. Baker Hill NextGen® Commercial Loan Origination provides a single point of entry for prospects and clients, allows you to group commercial lending clients and relationships to understand exposure concerns, and set up pipeline management reporting. 

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