Baker Hill NextGen® Accelerate

Robust loan origination software features with streamlined implementation.

Digital transformation is critical to the evolution of banking, it’s what your customers expect and what your employees need.

Why Baker Hill NextGen® Accelerate?

Baker Hill NextGen® Accelerate provides community banks and credit unions with a solid framework for streamlined digital transformation when they are adopting new loan origination technology. Optimizing digital solutions makes it easier for a financial institituion to implement what they need and more importantly what they are ready to use—today.

That’s why we’ve launched Baker Hill NextGen® Accelerate.

We know that starting out with a loan origination system (LOS) can be overwhelming—especially when moving away from manual processes. We also know that adopting loan origination technology is imperative to attract and retain customers and top talent in today’s competitive environment.

Key Benefits

  • Same award-winning platform to run your lending business
  • 90-day implementation timeline
  • Scalability to continually meet the needs of your institution
  • Unmatched, local client support
  • Guided workflows with automated checklists
  • Built on best practices of current bankers’ utilization

It’s the same award-winning LOS we’re known for, but it’s lending made easy. We’ve simplified and standardized the implementation process to help banks and credit unions be set up for success when implementing loan origination technology.

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