Combine business processes and client information across all departments.

Baker Hill NextGen® CRM empowers your teams to save time and manage new opportunities and current relationships more effectively with our banking CRM software. 

Relationship Management Software

Baker Hill NextGen® customer relationship software solution integrates data into one simple tool to enhance the client experience and provide actionable insights. 

  • Gain and retain business. Focus on the sales management stage of the relational cycle, addressing the need to attract and retain valuable clients. Each line of business, calling officer, and service team member will achieve individual performance targets. Our bank and loan origination CRM facilitates communication across the institution regarding client activity, goals, and opportunities. 
  • Maximize client relationships. Capture and manage pertinent client and prospect information, including contacts, call activity and touch history, products and collateral, sales opportunities, client classification and segmentation, relationship groups, client-specific relationship plans, referrals, and correspondence groups. 
  • Turn strong relationship management into healthy ROI. Baker Hill NextGen® CRM supports each stage of the relationship management process. It provides a quick-view interface with client value and risk; shares call activity management to any relationship manager; prioritizes opportunities by probability of close, stage, and anticipated close date; tracks sales opportunities types, amounts, and fees; and actively helps your team manage and improve the number and quality of referrals. 

Features & Functionality 

  • Sales pipeline management
  • Core system data integration
  • Customer dashboards

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