Industry-leading compliance warranty

Each loan is backed by the most comprehensive compliance warranties in the industry, providing you with the confidence of knowing each decision is made and documented with best-in-class approaches.

Eliminates third-party solutions for closing documentation

The seamless integration of Baker Hill NextGen Loan Origination and CSi IntelleDoc solutions provides a true end-to-end document prep and software solution.

  • Eliminates the need for costly third-party products for closing documentation
  • Streamlines entire loan process for greater efficiency

Reduce risk exposure

The Baker Hill NextGen platform and CSi IntelleDoc work together to ensure each document adheres to federal and state-specific compliance regulations.

  • Automatic document prep and assembly of the correct forms for a given transaction
  • Reduces your risk exposure for virtually any type of loan

Ongoing compliance analysis

CSi IntelleDoc conducts ongoing compliance analysis throughout the transaction, helping mitigate the variable regulatory landscape.

  • Reduces the potential for errors among inexperienced staff members at your institution.
  • Helps reduce the risk of exposure