Analytics & Marketing

Get the highest ROI from your relationships.

Baker Hill NextGen® Analytics & Marketing helps you determine which accounts are profitable and identifies which need nurturing, allowing you to effectively communicate to each market.  

Marketing Software

Add power, flexibility, and accountability to your ongoing communications with an automated, closed-loop approach to lead generation. Baker Hill’s modeling technologies help you target prospects and retain your most profitable account holders more accurately and track results better than ever before. 

  • Growth based on data, not guesswork. Knowing the profitability of an account, officer, channel, product or branch is critical. When you leverage the right solution, your data can be transformed into strategy, giving voice and insight to financial decisions. Baker Hill NextGen® Analytics & Marketing highlights the products and services that will boost and sustain profitability and enable your financial organization to maximize market opportunities and minimize risk. 
  • Execute your entire marketing plan. With its single access point to gain deep insights into your products, branches, staff, and account holders, Baker Hill NextGen® Analytics & Marketing integrates all of your data, eliminating silos and incomplete information to give you a complete picture of marketing campaign performance and profitability. 
  • Uncover profitability insights. With Baker Hill NextGen® Analytics & Marketing, board members and C-level executives can view reports of all the data necessary to design growth strategies. Based on the information our solutions provide, leadership teams can be confident they are making the best decisions to boost and sustain profitability, maximize market opportunities, and minimize risk. 

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