Market more effectively

Add power, flexibility, and accountability to your ongoing communications with an automated, closed-loop approach to lead generation. Our modeling technologies help you target prospects and retain your most profitable account holders more accurately and track results better than ever before.

Use our platform to:

  • Build, schedule, and manage campaigns with closed-loop marketing automation
  • Monitor—at-a-glance—results and make strategic adjustments to boost ROI
  • Pinpoint profitability at the account, branch, region, and enterprise level
  • Identify exposures to minimize risk in your portfolio
  • Customize marketing dashboards to spotlight areas of interest
  • Measure marketing effectiveness to improve performance
  • Create profitability summaries for user-defined segments

Maximize your potential

Make decisions based on data, not guesswork to segment customers based on profitability, then target messages to those customers with top-of-mind campaigns that boost sales and retention and help you get the highest ROI out of your relationships.

Use sophisticated analytics and predictive modeling to improve profitability insights, strengthen strategic planning, develop board reports, and plan impactful marketing tactics. 

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