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Today’s financial services environment demands that your institution make smart business decisions to maintain a competitive advantage. To make it more challenging, the amount of data generated by consumers has increased exponentially in recent years. Using data analytics to help guide your financial institution’s marketing efforts is necessary to remain competitive.

While implementing a solid data analytics strategy can be difficult, especially for a smaller, community financial institution that may not have the internal expertise or bandwidth to tackle such a project, there are tools available to help guide you through this process. By leveraging the right tools, any bank or credit union can more successfully utilize its customer data.

Leverage the right tools to tap into your client data.

Customer Value Management

Turn strong relationship management into healthy ROI. Through customer value management, financial institutions receive support at each stage of the relationship management process. It provides a quick-view interface with client value and risk; shares call activity management to any relationship manager; prioritizes opportunities by probability of close, stage, and anticipated close date; tracks sales opportunity types, amounts, and fees; and actively helps your team manage and improve the number and quality of referrals.

Effectively manage client relationships with a focus on profitability.

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Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing allows banks and credit unions to grow deposits and loans systemically while keeping costs low, expanding margins and engaging more account holders. Get the highest ROI through evaluating relationships, targeting key markets, and boosting sales and retention.

  1. Set Goals—Use the data to run an Opportunity Assessment and work together to select a growth goal.
  2. Determine Targets—Predictive analytics identifies those members with the capacity and propensity to deposit more money or have furtner credit needs with you.  
  3. Execute Campaigns— Direct mail • Email • Digital • Social media • Branch/call center contact lists 
  4. Track Results— Meticulously monitor, track and report on the results.

Baker Hill NextGen® Omnichannel Marketing determines which accounts are profitable and which need nurturing so you can effectively identify and communicate to key target markets.

“With Baker Hill NextGen® Omnichannel Marketing, we’re able to better target prospects as well as retain our most profitable account holders, all while providing an outstanding and relevant experience. The solution provides superior tracking and industry benchmarking to measure our programs and continuously improve performance. We are impressed with the technology so far and even more so with Baker Hill’s support and consultative approach.”

Dave Tryder | SVP and Chief Marketing Officer | HarborOne Bank


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Create growth based on data, not guesswork. Knowing the profitability of an account, officer, channel, product or branch is critical. When you leverage the right solution, your data can be transformed into strategy, giving voice and insight to financial decisions. Find the ability to execute your entire marketing plan with a single access point to gain deep insights into your products, branches, staff, and account holders. Eliminating silos and incomplete information to give you a complete picture of marketing campaign performance and profitability.

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Leverage the power of your data from your institution’s internal systems to create a holistic view of profitability. There are several factors that contribute to your overall profitability and many institutions have difficulty pinpointing their most profitable relationships and products. Identifying your most profitable customers and products not only helps ensure your most profitable relationships are handled with an elevated level of service across all lines of business, but also allows you to understand your profitability in a way that will grow the balance sheet the right way.

Many institutions have difficulty pinpointing their most profitable relationships and products. Gain granular insiguts about your profitability and make data driven decisions to grow your balance sheet the right way with Baker Hill NextGen® Analytics and Marketing.

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CRM & Client Portal

Gain and retain business through a focus on the sales management stage of the relational cycle, addressing the need to attract and retain valuable clients. From there, each institution can maximize client relationships through the capture and manage pertinent client and prospect information, including contacts, call activity and touch history, products and collateral, sales opportunities, client classification and segmentation, relationship groups, client-specific relationship plans, referrals, and correspondence groups.  

Make communication with your customers a two-way street by allowing them to connect with you on their terms. Easily and securely exchange documents and communication. This added transparency and convenience will help remove the stress your customers often feel when they aren’t able to visit a branch in person for day-to-day banking needs.

Maximize client relationships and streamline communication.

Learn more about Baker Hill NextGen® Client Portal and learn how it can help facilitate communication and increase customer satisfaction.

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Closing Summary

The shift to a more digital lending experience in recent years has resulted in an increase in the number of interactions a consumer has with their financial institution each year. Knowing how to leverage all these new pieces of data can be overwhelming and finding the right solution partner, along with sound policy and practices, can aid in addressing the challenges. To that end, banks need to have partners in their business to help them thrive in all areas. Baker Hill is here to be that trusted partner. Our team of seasoned experts are always ready to help.   

 As you look to increase your customer touch points, consider having a partner to help guide you through the process. Request a consultation to see how Baker Hill NextGen® Analytics & Marketing can help. 

Built on over 35 years of industry experience, Baker Hill delivers cutting-edge banking solutions that empower financial institutions to generate growth, reduce risk, and improve productivity and profitability. 

A trusted leader in financial technology, our innovative solution streamlines origination and portfolio management for business and consumer lending, while our award-winning business intelligence tools mitigate risk and generate growth—all through a single, integrated platform. 

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