Statement Spreading

Improve the quality and consistency of financial analysis.

Baker Hill NextGen® Statement Spreading is a proven 30-year solution that offers unprecedented insight into the commercial lending underwriting process. 

Financial Spreading Analysis Software

This core component of the Baker Hill NextGen® platform facilitates reporting, data collection, global cash flow, covenants, a comprehensive credit memorandum, and more—all in one central location. 

Improve financial spreading analysis with Baker Hill’s statement spreading solution for understanding and managing credit risk. 

  • Flexible formats. Baker Hill NextGen® statement spreading analysis software offers a wide range of formats and features to meet your financial analysis needs for commercial lending. Standard formats and specialized industry formats are built in. Add covenants quickly and easily using templates without having to leave the application. 
  • Commercial real estate insight. The flexible, dynamic structure of our financial spreading software gives underwriters and credit analysts the reporting options they need to make sound credit decisions. The customized chart of accounts is tailored to the real estate industry and features multiple levels of analysis for various types of borrowers and properties. Group properties based on ownership or other types of underwriting criteria. 
  • Current, accurate comparative data. Baker Hill NextGen® statement analysis software offers a reliable source of comparative data. This financial spreading solution provides direct access to the complete database of the latest version of the RMA Annual Statement Studies® based on more than 150,000 financial statements in over 600 unique industries. It also permits the direct and immediate comparison of a subject company to the industry. 

Features & Functionality

  • Seamless integration
  • Automated tax and statement processing
  • Insightful and flexible projections

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