Best-in-Class Bank Loan Software

Powered by an unmatched team of former bankers, informed by nearly four decades of client feedback, and optimized with significant investments in market research, you can be assured that Baker Hill NextGen® was made with your financial institution's needs in mind. 

Award-Winning Solutions

Baker Hill provides an expert solution for loan origination, risk management, and analytics—but, don't take our word for it.

Aite Group, a leader in FinTech thought leadership and technology assessment, named Baker Hill NextGen a best-in-class vendor for commercial loan origination, thanks to its breadth of bank loan software features, superior client services, and client loyalty. In 2020, Baker Hill received a FinTech Breakthrough Award for Best Loan Origination Platform. Download the Aite Report to learn more about these achievements. 

Gain Efficiency, Reduce Risk, Drive Growth

With Baker Hill NextGen, you can tailor our platform to meet your institution's specific needs. Whether it's our suite of loan origination software driving efficiency and growth, risk management solutions to remain compliant and reduce losses, or analytics and marketing insights increasing profitability, we've got you covered. 

  • Fewer bank loan software solutions to license, learn and manage
  • A consistent, proven way to manage data and use it to drive decisions
  • More integrated systems and processes
  • Modern user interface with intuitive design and dashboards
  • Reliable support systems to enable compliance
  • Trustworthy, available technical support and relevant industry advice

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