One Solution. Unlimited Value.

Protect your investment in financial technology with the most powerful banking solution in the cloud.

Customer expectations are becoming more and more demanding. Competition is higher than ever before. The economic environment is constantly changing. One thing remains the same: Baker Hill is the name you know and trust – and Baker Hill NextGen® is the only end-to-end banking solution you need.

Boost Productivity and Profitability

  • One source of data, decisions, and insight
  • Single login eliminates duplicate data, training on disparate platforms, and multiple vendor contracts
  • Fluid, intelligent workflow allows for less clicks and more time to focus on revenue-generating activities

Maximize Convenience and Ease of Use

  • User-configurable data visualizations and dashboards allow for at-your-fingertips, real-time reporting
  • Core data and third-party integrations allow you to work within a single platform
  • Roles-based modern user interface with responsive design allows for anywhere, anytime access to meet the convenience and digital demands of today’s consumer

Lower Costs of Ownership

  • Lower operating costs with a single platform to manage
  • Pay only for the features and functionality you need today
  • Portfolio-based pricing creates consistency across financial institution types and sizes

Real Value of Baker Hill NextGen

Select a persona to see how Baker Hill NextGen® delivers real value for every role.

Executive Leaders

Monitor and improve institutional performance with speed and efficiency.

As an executive leader, you constantly evaluate and search for ways to improve the profitability and sustainability of your institution - and you need a trusted technology resource that allows you to quickly scan and monitor the whole institution's performance to do so. Baker Hill NextGen® integrates seamlessly with other leading platforms and core databases to push institution-wide information and reports to a configurable dashboard with an enhanced user interface built to deliver easily consumable data. Unlike other providers of banking solutions, Baker Hill NextGen® leverages insights throughout the entire customer journey to provide a complete view of customer needs, risks, and opportunities.

  • Know where you're profitable
  • Increase return on equity
  • Target your business development opportunities
  • Manage profit risk
  • Improve security of data warehousing
  • Access user-friendly dashboard reports with ease

Lending Leaders

Automate and streamline the entire lending process, strengthen relationships, and reduce risk by making informed data-driven decisions. For you, it is all about the bottom line.

As a lending leader, you are responsible for driving loan volume and reducing risk. You need a trusted technology resource to accurately track prospects, monitor applications, and identify top opportunities for growth. As the industry leader in risk management, our solution incorporates a series of best practices and unparalleled insight via custom rules to ensure the most objective view of your institution's portfolio. The mobile responsiveness of Baker Hill NextGen® enables lenders to stay in touch with customers and originate new loan opportunities anytime, anywhere - on their device of choice.

  • Improve efficiency and consistency in the lending process while mitigating risk and reducing loan losses
  • Generate compliant loan documentation in a framework that automates and streamlines loans of all sizes
  • Gain quick access to detailed team performance data
  • Configure base reporting and easily create custom reports supported by automated schedules and deliveries
  • Simplify task management with CRM and Microsoft Outlook integrations
  • Identify and merge duplicate entries, and auto-notify idle or past due opportunities

Marketing Leaders

Access profitability metrics to identify the right product for the right person at just the right time - and make informed decisions that turn marketing into a profit center, not a cost center.

As a leader in marketing or analytics, you benefit from a trusted technology resource that helps you manage profit risk, use data to inform decision-making, and accelerate growth and wallet share. Baker Hill NextGen® is the only comprehensive, mobile-responsive solution with roles-based design that enables banks and credit unions to combine disparate data into a single, powerful analytics engine that provides a 360-degree view of profitability at every level of the organization - down to the penny - utilizing data directly from the core's general ledger.

  • Seamlessly share business intelligence among the institution to maximize revenue potential
  • Optimize deposit and loan portfolios, improve profitability and achieve strategic objectives
  • Single point of access to fully assess operations and determine optimal profit and growth strategies
  • Embedded campaign manager generates targeted lists and measures ROI
  • Greatly improve marketing and sales effectiveness through channel management and more targeted campaigns
  • Deliver vital information to management when they need it most

Operations Leaders

Reduce expenses and improve efficiencies with fewer systems and vendors to manage, and lean on the industry leader in banking technology consulting and implementation.

As an operations leader, you're challenged by disparate systems that don't interact with each other, unruly compliance overhead, and the difficulties that accompany the deployment of new solutions and channels. You need a trusted technology resource with an efficient workflow that serves as a launch pad from which to manage and accomplish tasks, minimizes IT involvement, and easily helps configure solutions.

  • Increase collaboration among team members via auto generated push notifications of task completion
  • Create, import, and export documents error free
  • Empower users to self-diagnose and correct simple errors
  • Improve overall efficiency with the simple report and query builder, guidelines for systematically cleaning data records, error diagnosis and notification system, and graphical displays of key portfolio information
  • Reduce data entry by leveraging common data elements
  • Assist in the removal of data silos across the institution
  • Leverage one of the most active user communities and knowledge bases in the market - to answer any question and help resolve any situation

Compliance & Security Officers

Build and protect client trust by choosing the solution developed by the most experienced team in the industry - the one with the highest level of internal and external information security.

When you're in charge of compliance and security you need reliable, secure data. Our solution provides industry-leading security and privacy measures, top certifications and accreditations, and our partnership with Microsoft Azure provide a highly secure, resilient environment for data you can trust. With Baker Hill NextGen® you'll never worry about losing your data. Our system, network, power, and facility redundancies provide high availability - ensuring services and applications remain accessible in the event of disasters or extreme circumstances.

  • Provide regulators the information they need to assess compliance metrics quickly and confidently
  • TLS encryption protects data both in transit and in storage
  • Web proxy and web application firewalls block all unauthorized traffic
  • Geo-redundant storage maintains copies of data in multiple locations around the country
  • Soc 2 level certification
  • GLBA compliant solutions


Meet the needs of your clients wherever and whenever they want to engage.

Today's consumers have their own set of expectations. They want financial institutions to be nimble and proactive, to make decisions and processes easy, and to give them the freedom to act in their own time and on their device of choice. The idea of convenience in banking has shifted toward digital products and services that mesh with consumers' smart mobile-empowered lives.

  • Fully branded, mobile-responsive online loan applications available to your clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Business processes and client information are combined across all departments, integrating data into one simple tool to enhance the client experience
  • Customer portals allow clients more visibility into the lending process
  • Capture and manage pertinent client information to maximize relationships
  • Boost client retention with targeted modeling and analytics to select and deliver ongoing marketing messages
  • Faster, more convenient bank processes lead to better client experiences - and improved loyalty