Insightful relationship pricing. 

Discover the profitability associated with each loan or client relationship to ensure a successful lending process through Baker Hill NextGen® Pricing. Accumulate all the important factors such as cost of funds, risk premiums, and other overhead costs that make up commercial loan pricing.  

Commercial Loan Pricing Software

Manage profitability with insightful relationship pricing on your commercial loan opportunities with Baker Hill NextGen® Pricing. 

  • Complete insights into your commercial relationships. Baker Hill NextGen® is the industry’s only comprehensive common loan origination, relationship management, risk management, and decision support system. Each decision is priced to determine the expected return on a specific loan transaction and the overall relationship profitability. 
  • Leverage the power of your data. Baker Hill NextGen® leverages the power of data from your institution’s internal systems and is configured to import data from your core system and multiple other sub-systems, including your institution’s operating profile.  
  • Create actionable opportunities. You are enabled to develop pricing strategies for new and existing loan relationships. The streamlined interface allows you to manage the pricing of a relationship through a single portal and incorporates your institutions risk ratings and associated risk premiums which becomes even more relevant with the introduction of CECL. The tool calculates what-if scenarios applying various loan structures and interest rate schedules. 

Features & Functionality 

  • Customized to fit your financial institution
  • Aligns with your financial institution's cost structure

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