Automate portfolio management

The Baker Hill NextGen Exception Tracking solution module automates the administrative and relationship aspects of portfolio management.

  • Streamlined portfolio processing helps decrease loan losses and risk exposure
  • Reduce client servicing costs

Integrate risk management at every level

Exception Tracking consolidates portfolio monitoring into a common, centralized database and standardizes tracking and monitoring across lines of business. You can:

  • Create unique views and checklist templates to meet departmental needs
  • Control access to data based on a user’s role and security profile within each line of business
  • Build checklists quickly from a predefined list of tracking items.

Improve credit quality and compliance

Improve your institution's credit quality and compliance through features that include:

  • Policy help links to your institution’s credit policy to guide users in understanding requirements for exception clearing
  • Regulatory or institution-initiated policy guides maintained in one location to ensure compliance

Centralize reporting

In addition to standard reports, a custom report authoring environment provides the ability to filter and modify reports based on tracking item families, status, date range, and more.

  • Report access is secured at the user, business unit and role levels
  • Users may schedule reports on a recurring basis  

Generate documents automatically

The correspondence manager facilitates mass or single communications, which can be handled via print mail.


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