Loan Origination Technology That Evolves The Way Banks & Credit Unions Do Business

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Baker Hill NextGen® is a single unified platform for

On average Baker Hill clients have experienced the following results:

50% decrease in application-to-closing time
42% reduction in input errors
50% reduction in status update calls
75% decrease in business credit memo creation time
70% reduction in paper reports

“After looking at our options in the marketplace, we selected Baker Hill NextGen® Loan Origination product suite. Baker Hill met our requirements for a timely implementation schedule for consumer, small business, and commercial loans along with all the credit and integration components. In the end, we chose Baker Hill to improve our speed to commitment, speed to closing, and ease of use for our bankers and members.”

 Brad Schwartz

“We’re looking forward to digitizing our lending environment and leveraging the workflow capabilities of Baker Hill NextGen® solutions to drive efficiency and growth in this key business area. We were impressed by the extent of the Baker Hill NextGen® platform and are looking to leverage the full capabilities of the solution.”

– Kevin Rourke 
Salem Five Bank

“One of the biggest struggles with banks that merge through acquisitions is trying to get everybody talking the same language. Baker Hill's products have allowed several lines of business to all be using the same features and benefits.”

– Scott Gillanders
Berkshire Bank

“We were looking for something that could do our commercial lending process from cradle to grave. Before you buy any software, make sure you’re buying the solution that solves all of your critical needs. For us, Baker Hill checked off all of the must-haves.”

– Gary Skybo
Access Bank

“Our model has been very successful for us, but we needed to optimize it more to take it to the next level. We started building a list of our needs and wants and Baker Hill checked off more of the boxes than anybody else. You have to pick the right solution and the right partnership for you. Baker Hill is the right one for us. They've been really great, responsive, and helpful.”

– Mackenzie Heckendorf

“We’ve partnered with Baker Hill for a long time and they’ve always met our needs and had a roadmap of future enhancements that we’re ready and looking forward to. The transition to Baker Hill NextGen® has been really seamless. The support team and project manager make sure that everything stays on track and do a lot of the heavy lifting so you can focus on testing and making sure everything runs smoothly.”

– Michael Monroe
First State Bank Florida Keys

“Baker Hill truly views their clients as partners and our team has experienced this firsthand. After using Baker Hill for over two decades, we can confidently say that we believe in the value their solutions deliver and look forward to our continued partnership.”

- Frances Brashares
Marquette Bank

“Knowing we had to hold true to our clients’ needs, we leaned into Baker Hill’s team for expertise, and we’ve had the opportunity to build strong, profitable and long-term relationships with customers, all while lightening the manual workload for our lenders—a win-win. Baker Hill has been clearly invested in our bank’s success from the first stages of integration, and they’ve truly been an ideal fintech partner in our bank’s journey." 

- Tony Kallingal
Mechanics Bank