Consumer Loan Origination

Consolidate your consumer lending application process.

Process consumer loan applications more efficiently at competitive rates—all while controlling credit risk—with a proven solution that conforms to your policies, mitigates credit risk, and ensures compliance. 

Consumer Lending Software

Automate your entire consumer lending application process, from submission to booking and reporting. 

  • Proven, automated solution. Baker Hill NextGen® Consumer Loan Origination automates the entire consumer lending application process from submission to booking and reporting. Process and decision consumer loans, revolving lines, and home equity loans securely and efficiently. 
  • Full range of credit reporting scores. Our solution uses a full range of advanced credit reporting scores via single or tri-merge reports, along with your credit policy rules, to assess credit risk.  
  • Single point of origination. All our loan origination solutions share a common database, simplifying implementation, improving user acceptance, enabling the sharing of applicant information, and featuring combined reporting and analysis of performance and pipeline. 

Additional Features

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