Baker Hill NextGen® is powered by decades of expertise to help financial institutions prepare for the upcoming rules and guidelines from the SBA. Begin planning today for what’s coming with Baker Hill’s proven industry experience. Leveraging 35+ years of industry thought leadership, knowledge, and execution, Baker Hill is prepared to help you now and help you when the requirements are released.  

Baker Hill is ready to be your trusted partner in PPP loan forgiveness. The Baker Hill NextGen® Forgiveness solution is a single solution designed for the management of PPP loans and the required documents. 

Created to Serve the Market Need 

With the Baker Hill NextGen® Forgiveness solution, your team will be prepared to meet the needs of loan forgiveness requirements from the PPP.  

  • Capturing the forgiveness amount requests. 
  • A portal for gathering related documents. 
  • Tracking all allowable expenses. 
  • Servicing the non-forgivable portion. 
  • Audits for tracking client requests.  

A Digital Experience 

  • Flexibility to authenticate the small business through your online banking.  
  • Leverages the technology from Baker Hill’s configurable client portal. 
  • Document portal allows for secure online submissions from small business owners.