Online Loan Applications

24/7 online access to your applications. 

Baker Hill NextGen® Online Application software is easy for customers to use and easy for financial institutions to implement. Gain the competitive edge by giving your customers 24/7 online access to their applications.

Online Application Software

Baker Hill NextGen® Online Application solution is designed to help you strengthen your client relationships by making it easy for your customers and businesses to apply for loans online (and respond to them faster). 

  • Meet customer expectations. Offer small business and consumer loan origination applications digitally with an application branded for your institution. The online loan application and portal creates a fully digital experience that can be tailored to your needs, allowing you higher engagement with your borrowers during the loan acquisition process. 
  • Be self-sufficient. As your organization pivots strategies with products, pricing, and promotions, you can easily make changes to your online applications and publish them directly to your site in just minutes. Now you can be more responsive to changing business conditions, with no coding or support needed.
  • Client portal. High engagement during the loan application creates high customer satisfaction. Leverage the power of a secure client portal to engage with, collaborate with, and update your customers so that they feel like a business partner with your institution, not just another number. 

Features & Functionality

  • Expanded market share
  • Increased efficiency
  • New marketing opportunities 

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