Meet customer expectations

Our online loan application solutions offer small business and consumer direct loan origination features that are branded by your institution. Turnkey or fully customized options both include:

  • Fraud prevention/customer authentication option
  • Data interchange
  • Automated document preparation export
  • Imaging system integration

Online Loan Application

Give your clients 24/7 access to loan applications. It's your branded online loan application system, powered 24/7 by the technology of Baker Hill®

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Customized Branch Application

Respond to your clients faster. Fully customizable applications improve data sharing and help all of your departments work together seamlessly and quickly. 

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Customer Portal

High engagement during the loan application equals high satisfaction for your customers.  Leverage the power of a secure customer portal  to engage with, collaborate with, and update your customers so that they feel like a business partner with your institution, not just another number.

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