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The Secret to Application & Underwriting Efficiencies

In today’s tight labor market, everyone working in the banking industry is being asked to do more with less , including loan officers. But, how do you maximize performance and results with fewer resources? Many banks are turning to automation...

Consumer Lending: More Than Speed and Convenience

Your consumer borrowers want more than speed and convenience. Those borrowers want to do business with banking and financial services providers that show they know them, digitally or in-person. We also know that they want to know that they are...

Trusted Data for Informed Lending Decisions

Automated Workflows Can Help Lenders with Credit Decisioning For financial institutions, it’s more important now than ever to leverage multiple sources of trusted data to make informed lending decisions. One fundamental way to do this is to enable automated...

Trust, But Verify

Do you trust me to tell you why trust is important? I love data, numbers and surveys in my role as the head of product management here at Baker Hill. Data on market conditions, surveys on what banks and...

How Financial Institutions Can Cultivate Reliable Core Data for More Productive Lending

Core data is the foundation of financial institutions. But how solid is your foundation? Do you trust your data? Has it been transformed? While it might be appealing to start implementing new practices that leverage your data right away, a...

Why a Loan Origination System is a Critical Part of Digital Transformation

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of buzzwords/tech speak. AI, big data, “the cloud”, machine learning, digital transformation, etc. What do they even mean? Without applied application, we’re just bandying about terms that have little to no meaning. Let’s look...
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