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Don't Overpay For Deposits

A predictable phenomenon of every rising rate cycle is a paranoia among bankers about repricing existing deposit balances. This is understandable in the current cycle as 0% interest rates for over 2 years resulted in an unusually high percentage of...

Omnichannel: Not Just a Buzzword

If we are being honest as financial marketers, we will admit that the industry is currently rife with buzzwords. One of the most prominent buzzwords currently in circulation is “omnichannel”. I am here to tell you that omnichannel is not...

Branch Expansion: A Nationwide Trend

Across the entire country, we are seeing physical branch expansion efforts increase. While digital is still critical, banks and credit unions are beginning to experience longer lines and a greater need for physical locations again. More and more, financial institutions...

Maximize Your Potential with Data Analytics & Omni-Channel Marketing

Over the last five years, total deposits at community banks and credit unions fell by 7.5 percent , while large, national banks experienced big gains. Consequently, without deposits, community financial institutions are further challenged with having the capital to fund...

Critical Digital Marketing & Superior Data Analytics in 2019

The marketing strategies of before no longer cut it. With advancements in technology and a rapid movement to an Internet-connected era, organizations across all industries are shifting gears and looking into digital strategies that align with consumer expectations and position...

Millennials From Y to Z

Having grown up as the third child of four, I was frequently accused of being the “favored” one because, unlike the others, I never got into trouble. Little did my siblings know, my “favored” status was a direct result observing...
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