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Fostering Collaboration Between Lending & Credit Teams

Streamlining your commercial lending processes is all about providing the prospective borrower with a decision and closing the deal as quickly as possible. However, traditional banks can often take more than a month to process and close a typical commercial...

3 Ways to Establish Commercial Credit Policies that Drive Profitability

Credit is at the heart of most customer relationships. As many financial institutions continue their digital transformation journeys, it’s important to consider how digital transformation can be applied to commercial lending, a business which often hinges on the relationships a...

The Secret to Application & Underwriting Efficiencies

In today’s tight labor market, everyone working in the banking industry is being asked to do more with less , including loan officers. But, how do you maximize performance and results with fewer resources? Many banks are turning to automation...

Why Empowered Employees Are Key to Unlocking Loan Growth

In today’s interest rate environment, community banks feel pressured to grow loan volumes across all channels to ensure profitability. Many institutions are concentrating their efforts on certain types of commercial loans to boost profitability this year – in particular, commercial...

Mastering the Art of Data Analytics: How to Manage Deposit Growth & Cost of Funds in 2023

It’s no secret that the historic series of interest rate hikes have banks concerned about where the flow of deposits is heading this year. While the exceptional liquidity of the pandemic left many banks with a flush of deposits, the...

Managing Risk in Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

The Fed made headlines in February with its 8 th interest rate hike in the last year. Consumers and businesses are in a tight squeeze, trying to withstand continued inflation while adjusting to higher interest rates. Not only does the...
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