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Staying Ahead of the Digital Curve: A Must for Community Banks and Credit Unions

The world is constantly evolving, with technology being the driving force behind much of this change. In the banking sector, digital transformation has become a necessity rather than an option. And for executives at community banks and credit unions, the...

Rising Debt Levels & Implications for Portfolio Risk

Total household debt rose by $16 billion to reach $17.06 trillion in the second quarter of 2023, according to the latest Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Credit card balances...

Small Business Lending – Banking on Relationships

Despite borrowing costs reaching new highs, the anticipated credit crunch has yet to materialize, especially for small businesses. According to an article in Reuters , 28% of firms surveyed by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) borrowed on a...

Uncovering the Opportunities in CRE Lending

Concerns about commercial real estate (CRE) exposure has some worried about banks' portfolio health, especially regional banks. However, certain CRE sectors are much more resilient than others, and some even present opportunities even in the face of potential economic volatility....

Rockin' the Banking World: Our Summer Concert Series

Get ready to be blown away by the electrifying energy of live concerts! Imagine the adrenaline rushing through your veins as the crowd roars in unison, the pulsating beats vibrating in your chest. Now, hold on to that excitement as...

AIs Assist: What ChatGPT Could Mean for Banking

Financial institutions are no strangers to cutting-edge technologies and how the latest advancements can disrupt banking’s status quo – from customer service to compliance. Artificial intelligence (AI) is just one example of this, and it’s already presenting significant opportunities for...
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