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An Ode (or maybe a ditty) to Silicon Valley Bank With a Little Help from ChatGPT

The news this week was all Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), and that makes total sense. The lure of money, technology, and mixed with the location is the story of upcoming Netflix documentaries. But I wanted to be a bit more...

Banking in the Balance: The Highs and Lows of Profitability in Today's Banking Landscape

Prediction: I expect a run on Etsy for bank executives to have some kind of wall art with the famous lines from the Charles Dickens novel, “A Tale of Two Cities.” “It was the best of times, it was the...

Consumer Lending: More Than Speed and Convenience

Your consumer borrowers want more than speed and convenience. Those borrowers want to do business with banking and financial services providers that show they know them, digitally or in-person. We also know that they want to know that they are...

Trust, But Verify

Do you trust me to tell you why trust is important? I love data, numbers and surveys in my role as the head of product management here at Baker Hill. Data on market conditions, surveys on what banks and...

Meatloaf Would Do Anything For Love But Never Did CRE Lending

The classic rock star Meatloaf once sang “… Two out of three ain’t bad.” Obviously, Meatloaf never did Commercial Real Estate (CRE) lending. In the second part of this blog series on commercial real estate from Baker Hill and...

3 Trends Impacting Commercial Real Estate Lending Today

The famous real estate investor that once planned to tear down Carnegie Hall and replace it with a rather boring, but most likely profitable 40-story building once said, “The best investment on earth is earth.” Many would have said that...
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