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3 Ways to Establish Commercial Credit Policies that Drive Profitability

Credit is at the heart of most customer relationships. As many financial institutions continue their digital transformation journeys, it’s important to consider how digital transformation can be applied to commercial lending, a business which often hinges on the relationships a...

Banking in the Balance: The Highs and Lows of Profitability in Today's Banking Landscape

Prediction: I expect a run on Etsy for bank executives to have some kind of wall art with the famous lines from the Charles Dickens novel, “A Tale of Two Cities.” “It was the best of times, it was the...

7 Strategies for Achieving Balanced Loan Growth – Parts 3 & 4

On our blog, we’ve been covering different strategies for balanced loan growth. Today, we’re going to give you parts three and four in one! If you need to, you can find part one and part two to get caught...

Understanding Your Customers to Drive Profitability

Today, most financial institutions do not know the profitability of their customers – and they need to. To weather the economic downturn, banks and credit unions need to understand their profitability. On average, only one out of every three...

Funding with a Flat Curve

Recently, we have heard a lot about flattening the curve but what do you do with pricing when dealing with a flat loan yield curve? It’s not as if we haven’t faced this before but it has been some time,...

Don’t Let the Pandemic Be a Death Sentence on Branch Profitability

There is an old story about the new CEO of a community bank with four branches. As he reviewed the profitability, he saw he had one branch doing very well, two barely profitable, and one doing poorly. He thought he...
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