Blaine Zimmerman

Blaine Zimmerman

Product Manager

Blaine Zimmerman

As associate product manager at Baker Hill, Blaine Zimmerman is responsible for assisting, directing and managing the development of new software solutions, while driving the organization’s strategic growth initiatives.

With more than 10 years of experience in financial services, marketing, recruitment and the U.S. Armed Forces, Zimmerman has developed a passion for guiding others in achieving success – both personally and within an organization.

Previously at Baker Hill, Zimmerman was promoted from an education services specialist, where he led software training and curriculum across the company’s product lines. Prior to Baker Hill, he worked as a consultant for the Pabulum Group, and an operations specialist with Audacity LLC.

After spending nearly six years in the U.S. Army, Zimmerman currently serves in the Indiana National Guard, originally as a squad leader before becoming an Officer Candidate, set to commission in August 2019. He is also the treasurer of Vets’ Lives Matter, a national organization with a mission to support Veterans’ civilian and workforce goals. Finally, Zimmerman serves as chair of Circle City Vets, a Veteran corporate leadership coalition across the greater Indianapolis area, as well as co-host of Hidden Indy, a podcast that highlights and takes pride in the history of the community.

Zimmerman earned his Bachelor’s in Marketing from American Military University, followed by his Master’s in Business Administration from Butler University.

Topics of Expertise

  • Product Management
  • Leadership and training
  • Marketing
  • Recruitment