Jeff Luginbill

VP, Development & Chief Architect

Jeff Luginbill brings decades of banking and credit union experience to Baker Hill. Utilizing deep knowledge in the financial sector and technical expertise in enhancing SaaS platforms by creating the right solution for the right situation, Jeff empowers his team to make decisions that allow Baker Hill to meet the goals of our customers. Jeff has experience in Software as a Service (SaaS), Angular 2+, .Net Framework, C#, Typescript, JavaScript, SOAP and Restful Web Services, Odata, SQL, SSIS, DevOps, Azure PaaS and IaaS design and builds, and Microsoft Azure DevOps.

As VP of Product Development, Jeff leads his team to focus on design patterns, framework design, problem-solving skills, overseeing code quality, creating a culture of continuous improvement, and mentoring the team to solve complex problems. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science from Taylor University.