One Uncommon LOS Solution for Common Banking Problems

Common Banking Problems: An Uncommon LOS Solution

Over his time in the banking industry, Mike Horrocks has learned what can help bankers perform better. “They want one place to go: one place for insights, one place for decision.”

That’s where Baker Hill NextGen comes into play, says Horrocks, Baker Hill’s vice president of marketing. With 15 years at the financial tech leader, years of consulting for top-20 banks, and experience as a commercial lender and managing pricing and profitability at Zions Bank, Horrocks understands bankers’ needs. “We’ve learned that common platform is really the way that our bankers want to go.”

No More “The One That Got Away”

A common platform is the backbone of Baker Hill NextGen, an end-to-end cloud system that takes bankers from referral to booking to portfolio management, whether for commercial, consumer, or small business loans. Where financial institutions have data and analytics spread out through several different systems, Baker Hill NextGen brings it all together into one key solution that handles risk management, loan origination, credit risk, and relationship management. “It gives everything the banker needs in one spot,” Horrocks says.

Yet this solution isn’t simply a rewrite of Baker Hill’s 30-plus years of developing features and functionality. In addition to incorporating its strengths in commercial lending, small business lending, pricing, and profitability, Horrocks says, “we’re also looking at how we can redesign the way that bankers are doing business. We have changed how underwriters look at managing projections, increased the efficiency of the commercial-lending workflow, and reorganized the complete process to leverage the strength of the entire commercial lending team—from business development to back-office tracking.”

One-of-a-Kind Banking

So with Baker Hill NextGen, Baker Hill introduces new features and functions to make bankers more efficient, to give more insight, and to make better decisions—“basically taking that older way of doing things and updating it to address the needs for today.”

Officers across a financial institution will appreciate not only Baker Hill NextGen’s clean, elegant design but also how having a common platform revolutionizes their work.

  • A risk manager will have data from all the different touch points in one spot to decide whether to take a relationship deeper, based on 360-degree view.
  • An underwriting department will have one platform to originate loans, eliminating the need to retrain every officer on different loan types.
  • A relationship manager can use the solution’s mobile responsiveness to view real-time data on a tablet or smartphone while out with a customer.
  • And from a CEO’s perspective, everyone in the organization is working and discussing the same data consistently.

Beyond meeting today’s needs, Baker Hill NextGen was built with the future in mind—especially its ability to integrate analytics and originations on one platform. “The use of data is only going to drive more change within banks and within financial institutions,” Horrocks says, “and so the ability to actually manage and leverage data and analytics is going to be more critical. And we have the capability of doing that.”

One for the Money

What’s the most efficient way to uncover new loan prospects? How do you spot potential red flags ahead of time with your existing customers? How many different tools does your team have to use in order to answer their banking questions?

Set up your team with everything they need to be able to quickly answer all of these kinds of questions—and more—from one comprehensive, easy-to-use platform.

Banks and financial institutions that adopt one common loan origination software like Baker Hill NextGen will be able to keep everyone on the same page at every step of the way, increasing efficiency and profitability while improving the customer experience along the way.

Talk about the power of one.

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