Prosper 2017 Reflections

Prosper 2017 Reflections

“To the Baker Hill team…thank you! You really out did yourselves this time! We had a fantastic time!! #BakerHill #BakerHillRocks”

“Cheers to Baker Hill! As we come upon our final day, we thank you for all the time and effort into planning this event. Personally I think it was great and I am already looking forward to next year…”

These were just a few of the comments our clients left us regarding their time at Prosper 2017. As #BakerHillRocks hashtags started popping up all across the Prosper mobile app, I could not help but reflect on our accomplishments in such a short amount of time. It’s no secret that Baker Hill is in the midst of a full sprint. Just like our valued clients, we are adapting to our rapidly changing environment each day. Last year at Prosper, we were merely seeking feedback on “Project Unification.” This year, Prosper was buzzing with Baker Hill “walking the walk” regarding NextGen. As we talked through the NextGen roadmap, I noticed “the buzz” was not solely around the NextGen solution, but rather the level of engagement, interest, and open and honest feedback from our clients.

For me, Baker Hill’s Board Member, Tim Tuff, helped to connect the dots in his keynote presentation. The financial services industry will continue to be impacted by rapidly changing technologies in the months and years to come. However, in close partnership with Baker Hill, our financial institutions can rest assured the technological headwinds can be shifted to tailwinds.

I would agree that #BakerHillRocks, with my second Baker Hill Prosper conference now in the books.  But on behalf of the Baker Hill team, I propose we change the #BakerHillRocks handle to #BakerHillClientsRock.