Projects and the Management of Change

Projects and the Management of Change

Projects are a key function of business operations and there are many hurdles in successfully managing the project along with the stakeholders and their expectations. While change is constant, the need to identify problems, assess the current state, and generate a recommendation in and of itself can be a project. There are so many steps that it may even cause analysis paralysis, halting organizations in their good efforts. Knowing that, we are introducing a series from Baker Hill’s team of expert project managers and solution consultants.

Part 1 – Cause that’s my business  

Managing a business line is one thing and managing a project is a whole other thing. Meet Jennifer Foraker, Solutions Consultant for Baker Hill – with 20 years in the banking industry she has successfully managed countless projects as a business line manager as well as working as a project manager assisting other lines of business. Read more as she shares her experience with different projects, successes, and failures. 

Part 2- Synchronizing for Success

Managing a project to its successful completion can be compared to putting on a symphony; when all the instruments are in tune and everyone is playing on key, concert-goers get to enjoy the magic of beautiful music. Meet Thelma Freeman- a former banker turned technology project manager (PM). As a former PM with 18 years in banking, Thelma will share her perspective on successfully managing stakeholder expectations, spearheading vendor engagement, and the importance of communication, which she refers to as the “secret sauce.” 

Part 3- You’ve Got a Friend in Me 

Meet Sarah Ramon – one of Baker Hill’s internal project managers! From start to finish, she helps implement our software for our clients by working with both the financial institution and our internal Baker Hill project team. With 34 completed projects (and 22 in the process), ranging from small to large, she will share her experiences to help set you up for success. 

Whether tackling a small change or a complete revamp of your process, these stories will surely help you along the way.