The Efficiency Factor: New Loan Origination Tools for Easier Banking

New Loan Origination Tools for Easier Banking

“Banks are not getting any more staff,” points out Stephanie Butler, director of advisory services for financial tech leader Baker Hill, “so consequently people have to do more work.”

With 16 years of experience in Midwest banks, most recently as vice president of a central underwriting group with a $3 billion bank in Indiana, Butler understands the need to be efficient. That’s one reason she’s so excited about Baker Hill NextGen™, the new cloud-based end-to-end system that takes bankers from referral to booking to ongoing portfolio management, all on one platform.

More Organization, Greater Productivity

Baker Hill NextGen, says Butler, offers “a more streamlined approach to lending and portfolio management, so that everything is in one place and one person can see from beginning to end what’s happening. So if a lender has to manage more customers, it’s easier to do that in a more efficient way.”

Combining loan origination, risk management, and analytics into a common platform that the entire financial institution can access, Baker Hill NextGen can be used to manage any type of loan: commercial, consumer, small business. Butler herself is most looking forward to the lending piece.

A Platform that Grows as Your Needs Grow

“For some of our clients, a small business loan using a score might be half a million dollars or less,” Butler explains. “For another client it might be $100,000. With the new platform, we can configure the system to work within the bank’s requirements. All of those loans can be launched within the same platform but follow a different path based on what the bank wants to use for underwriting.”

The embedded portfolio management system makes Baker Hill’s solution even more powerful. Financial institutions will be able to manage their portfolios proactively, Butler says, following borrowers’ behaviors prior to delinquency so that banks can get ahead of the curve. From this one common platform, bankers can also launch letters and financial statement spreads. They can see documents and images. “I think it will truly be the first end-to-end solution in the industry.”

As banks continue to grow their portfolios, the solution will continue to accommodate their needs. “If you are a $1 billion bank today and you’re a $10 billion bank in four or five years, the system can grow with you,” Butler says. “There is no need to add another module.”

Winning With Strategic Automation

Cutting costs through efficiency is just the start. Giving your team one common platform for all of their banking needs will free up their time to follow up on new leads, focus greater attention on loan management, and serve your customers better, whether with the PCs on their desktops or with the supercomputers in their pockets.

The key to banking success now—and in the future—is not just embracing an all-in-one platform but also maximizing the efficiencies such a groundbreaking loan origination software provides. With Baker Hill NextGen, financial institutions have one common platform that makes continued growth possible in this do-more-with-less world.

This post is part of The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Loan Origination System.