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Risk & Growth: Two Sides of the Same Coin

In a recent article in the Financial Brand, Dr. Wendy Smith, the Dana J. Johnson Professor of Business, faculty director and co-founder of the Women’s Leadership Initiative at the University of Delaware advised banking leaders to steer between competing priorities...

Building Relationships, Not Risk: How Banks Can Navigate an Uncertain CRE Market

More than four years have passed since the start of the pandemic and the CRE market is still riddled with uncertainties. Despite the cloudy outlook for CRE lending, there are undoubtedly opportunities for the banks that can balance both risk...

Lending Policies & Processes that Mitigate Risk in Any Economy

Managing risk is a core component of banking, but the financial landscape today and over the last few years has been especially fraught with risks. Between ongoing competition for deposits, a struggling CRE space as office vacancies surge, and an...

Celebrating 40 Years of Dreaming

Recently, Baker Hill took our clients to "a whole new world" with our annual client conference, Prosper. We even celebrated our 40th anniversary as a company during the event! It was more than an opportunity to discuss interest rates or...

Metrics Your Credit Analysts Should Review Regularly

The Probability of Default (PD) plays a crucial role in credit risk analysis. It serves as a foundational metric that enables lenders to assess the creditworthiness of borrowers accurately. However, this isn’t the only metric worth reviewing on a...

Balancing the Risks & Rewards of Lending with Effective Credit Policies

Credit risk is a significant source of risk for banks, and there’s no doubt that effective credit risk management is critical to minimize losses, protect customer trust, and ensure compliance. While measuring and mitigating credit risk is nothing new...
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