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Lending Software Solution Spotlight: Portfolio Monitoring

Today’s lending environment has become so quick and efficient with lending software solutions that sometimes it is difficult to keep up with the pace. Now credit and underwriting benchmarks can be built into those lending software solutions so the good...

Lending Software Solution Spotlight: Exception Tracking

From origination through payoff, every loan requires some level of due diligence comprising of documents and forms to be collected, reviewed and/or monitored that is typically tracked in a lending software solution. This information often must pass through many different...

Lending Software Solution Spotlight: Statement Spreading

Spread a Statement Your Way Every lending software solution has plenty of features – even when it comes to the basic functionality of statement spreading . Each vendor thinks they know the best way to spread, and they surely...

7 Strategies for Achieving Balanced Loan Growth – Part 7

Sound Portfolio Monitoring is Critical So far in this series, we’ve focused on the various ways to grow the amount of loans you have on the books. But once you have the loans, how do you manage them? ...

Qualitative Credit Analysis

Credit analysis. It’s a term we frequently hear in banking (especially if you’re involved in credit or loan origination), but what does it really mean these days? At Baker Hill, we have the opportunity to see all the various ways...

Tips for Identifying Common Accounting Mistakes

Reviewing financial statements is crucial for lenders and investors as you won’t have access to your businesses’ day-to-day financial activities. For one, it helps you assess the health of the business; it also provides a transparent view of its operations....
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