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Are You Protected Against Rising Rates?

Interest rates have been low for several years now and many people new to lending have never seen a rising rate environment. Some may be asking "why is this happening and what can we do?” There are many factors...

7 Strategies for Achieving Balanced Loan Growth – Part 7

Sound Portfolio Monitoring is Critical So far in this series, we’ve focused on the various ways to grow the amount of loans you have on the books. But once you have the loans, how do you manage them? ...

Qualitative Credit Analysis

Credit analysis. It’s a term we frequently hear in banking (especially if you’re involved in credit or loan origination), but what does it really mean these days? At Baker Hill, we have the opportunity to see all the various ways...

Tips for Identifying Common Accounting Mistakes

Reviewing financial statements is crucial for lenders and investors as you won’t have access to your businesses’ day-to-day financial activities. For one, it helps you assess the health of the business; it also provides a transparent view of its operations....

Seven Strategies for Achieving Balanced Loan Growth – Part 2

In part one of our series on the seven lending strategies to achieve balanced growth, we took a look at the ways that CRM systems help you drive efficiency in your loan origination process and how they are valuable for...

Managing Risk in Your Digital Lending Workflows

Managing lending workflows is not for the faint at heart. Whether you work for a bank or a credit union, regulation of the banking industry comes with many hurdles. While we understand why these regulations have been put in place,...
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