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Avoiding the Most Common Pitfalls in Battle for Deposits

The deposit environment has changed drastically in the last couple of years. During the Covid-19 pandemic, interest rates were at zero for an extended period, while the government injected cash into the economy through stimulus payments and PPP loans. The...

Stop Calling It Digital Transformation. It’s an Evolution

Digital transformation: what does it mean? It’s often a catch-all buzzword that can mean many different things. According to Techopedia , the phrase was first coined in 2011 by consulting firm, Capgemeni and they define it as “the use of...

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Ways to Empower Credit Teams & Loan Officers

Consistent lending strategies enable financial institutions to provide needed capital to consumers and businesses within their communities. The banks that are positioned to grow their portfolios in 2024 are the ones with strong credit cultures that empower relationship managers...

How Will AI Change Lending?

The popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) has skyrocketed since the launch of tools like OpenAI’s conversational chatbot, ChatGPT, which accumulated more than one million users a mere week after going live. ChatGPT effectively brought AI into the mainstream and financial...

Back to Basics: Relationship Management 101

In an era when high-tech tools are gaining traction and the threat of falling behind the digital adoption curve is a top concern, what does this mean for relationship managers and the high-touch service they strive to provide? After...

Building a Strong Pipeline in 2024

Sales is the lifeblood of any business, banking included. You need to attract new customers and grow the amount of business with current customers to just to break even, let alone grow. New business – from new customers or existing...
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