A Solution to Ease Construction Loan Pain

A Solution to Ease Construction Loan Pain

Everyone on our team, top to bottom, is devoted to helping to ease our clients’ pain. A lot of companies talk about helping their clients—it’s in their mission statements or employee handbooks—without actually walking the walk. But day in and day out, I see the people here working with that singular focus.

I’m excited to join them in really transforming the way our clients manage their construction loans, and the Built platform is a big part of it.

But, what exactly does Built do? It makes managing construction loans easy by making the draw management process for administering construction loans as easy as it should be: collaborative, low-risk, fast and profitable. (Not to be an overt shill, but the product is amazing.)

If you have any questions about how Built is helping to improve the construction lending process, let us know. We’ll be sure to answer.

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Baker Hill’s sophisticated technology solutions enable banks and credit unions to compete aggressively in today’s complex lending environment.

We formed a strategic alliance with Built Technologies to make it easier for financial institutions to drive productivity and profitability in all areas of construction lending.

This alliance expands access to Built’s secure, cloud-based construction lending software and Baker Hill’s latest lending and risk management solution, Baker Hill NextGen®, to bring the draw management process online, connecting each person involved with the loan and automating manual administration tasks.

Note: This post is part of Construction Lending 101: The Ultimate Guide to Modern Construction Loan Management, and it originally appeared on the Built Technologies blog.