Level Up Your Customer Experience With Loan Origination Software

Improve Customer Experience With Loan Origination Software

Over the last year, customer service and the customer experience has truly pivoted. Although most of us long for the days that we can see more people not only face to face but full face, the need for obtaining services is still present. However, the view of exceptional customer service experiences has changed. In my role as a Baker Hill RVP, I hear my clients constantly discussing the desire to meet the needs of their customers. What are they looking for? Quick, easy, limited interactions, and the ability to have whatever I want on the go. 

To meet these needs and expectations, financial institutions are looking for various areas within the organization to automate processes, make services available at their customer’s fingertips, and limit the number of steps. To do so, this requires potential changes of processes, the way of thinking, and of software that can make all of this happen. Not just any software though, this must be the type of product that can change on the fly for no matter what situations we might face. Who can keep up and who has the time to look for a new software when things change so frequently?

The number of smartphone users worldwide today surpasses three billion and these devices have evolved to become the key to how we gain customer experiences. You can now check your balance, make a deposit, transfer money, and spend all your money right from that device. Additionally, the need to borrow money or communicate with your banker is being channeled through that same device. 

Implementing a loan origination platform that supports customers 24/7/365 with the ability to do just that is high in demand today. Not only for financial institutions of all sizes to be able to compete in the market but to provide the exceptional customer experience we have all come to crave. Having the flexibility to apply for a loan while at your child’s ball practice, upload documents needed to get your loan approved at 11 PM after the kids have finally gone to bed or getting a status notification when your loan gets closer to closing without having to call your banker for an update – these are all things that drive the borrowing experience to the next level.

This is especially critical for small business loan origination. Your small business customers are in the space between commercial and consumer – they aren’t tied to a branch like your consumer customers and they also don’t have the white glove service of commercial clients.

Institutions that figure out how to create a digital lending experience across their lines of business are poised to win. A loan origination software platform that can handle your consumer, small business and commercial lending is a critical piece of delivering a seamless digital customer experience.

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