Celebrating 40 Years of Dreaming

Baker Hill Prosper

Recently, Baker Hill took our clients to "a whole new world" with our annual client conference, Prosper. We even celebrated our 40th anniversary as a company during the event! It was more than an opportunity to discuss interest rates or risk ratings - it was an opportunity to learn and build connections and community. From the keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and networking around the world, Prosper provided opportunities for learning and building connections where everyone was able to be challenged and inspired.

If you couldn't tell from the references, the event was held at none other than Walt Disney World resort! And that got me thinking - what do some of the most iconic stories in the world have in common with Baker Hill?

Aladdin: Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

Aladdin's story of discovering a magic lamp that transforms his life is like streamlining processes that can uncover hidden opportunities in commercial lending. Just as Aladdin's genie grants him wishes, Baker Hill enables banks and credit unions to unlock the potential of streamlined lending processes, discovering new possibilities for growth and efficiency. The theme of transformation and realizing untapped potential is central to both Aladdin's story and the benefits Baker Hill offers clients.

The Lion King: The Circle of Lending

Just like in The Lion King where the Circle of Life keeps everything in check, Baker Hill is all about its Circle of Lending—tying together lending, credit assessments, and risk management into one neat package. When you're able to connect all of the pieces of commercial lending, you can embody Timon and Pumbaa by saying "Hakuna Matata" and goodbye to duplicating data entry efforts and worries about errors in siloed systems.

The Little Mermaid: Exploring New Worlds

Ariel is a mermaid whose curiosity drives her to exchange her voice for lungs and legs to explore the world beyond her underwater kingdom in the same way that banks and credit unions must trade their outdated, manual processes to drive growth. To help lenders be "part of their [customer's] world," Baker Hill’s software provides the tools necessary to allow lenders to automate non-value-added tasks and focus on building deeper relationships with their customers.

Toy Story: Building Stronger Relationships

Toy Story celebrates friendships and the value of working together, a powerful message that resonates not only with Buzz Lightyear and Woody, but with the community-focused nature of banks and credit unions as well. By leveraging Baker Hill’s solutions to streamline lending processes and improve customer experiences, financial institutions can strengthen relationships with their clients, build trust, and foster loyalty, ultimately telling their clients "you've got a friend in me."

Beauty and the Beast: Looking Beyond the Surface

Beauty and the Beast is a "tale as old as time" that teaches us to look beyond first impressions and find value in what lies beneath. In commercial lending, it's crucial to dig deeper than the surface. With Baker Hill's risk management solutions, banks and credit unions get to play the role of a wise character who looks past the cover of the book (or in this case, the loan application) to the story within. With a deeper view into the data, lenders can make decisions that are fair, consistent, and rooted in a comprehensive understanding of risk.

At Baker Hill, we believe community banks and credit unions are the heroes in the stories of the cities and towns they serve. Facing everything from tough regulations to the need to keep up with what customers want, the path to success is filled with unique challenges. No matter the story or the characters involved, the best stories are about a hero (that's you!) overcoming the hurdles and winning big in the end. And with Baker Hill as your trusted sidekick, you've got a partner that's better than any warthog, magic lamp, or talking crustacean.