Kent TeKrony

CPA, Product Manager

As product manager at Baker Hill, Kent TeKrony is responsible for directing and managing the development of all new software solutions.

With nearly 24 years of industry experience, TeKrony is skilled in internal and external financial reporting, financial and operational auditing, and capital planning. He also has extensive knowledge in evaluating interest rate gap analysis models and asset liability management models.   

Throughout his career, TeKrony has experienced the implementation of various FDICIA and SOX control systems as well as several mergers and acquisitions as both the purchaser and the target. He also has a well-developed understanding of asset valuation techniques, and their implementation and application in a variety of situations.

Prior to joining Baker Hill, TeKrony served as the director of internal audits for First Financial Bank. He was also the vice president of internal audits for Citywide Bank where he developed, implemented and managed various types of risk-based internal audits. Additionally, he has held roles as audit supervisor for Fortner, Bayens, Levkulish & Garrison, financial analyst for ZG Capital, and assistant vice president for Guaranty Bank and Trust Company.

TeKrony earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration and his masters in professional accountancy from the University of South Dakota. He also holds a certification as a public accountant.

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