SBA Loan Software & Paycheck Protection Program

With the CARES Act and Paycheck Protection Program, banks and credit unions are positioned to help small businesses quickly access funds via SBA Loans. Learn more about Baker Hill's SBA loan packaging software.

With Baker Hill NextGen® financial institutions across the country can make faster, smarter decisions when it comes to meeting the demand for small business loans. 

Be ready in days, not weeks with Baker Hill NextGen® SBA Fast Track as your SBA loan origination software.

Get Loans Into Small Business Hands Now

With Baker Hill NextGen® SBA Fast Track, your team can act immediately to meet the escalating demand for SBA loan origination. 

  • Through online loan applications, banks and credit unions can give borrowers quick access to the SBA relief packages. 
  • Baker Hill’s SBA loan packaging solution provides the data you need to gain a complete view of every applicant, so you can speed up the application process and quickly make lending decisions.  

Proven Scalability

Baker Hill NextGen® is a cloud-based solution built on decades of experience. With proven scalability, Baker Hill NextGen® SBA Fast Track allows your team to adapt confidently.

  • Manage business credit requests of all sizes with greater speed and consistency.
  • Minimize portfolio risk and be more responsive to your clients’ needs. 

SBA Loan Origination Streamlining 

Gain access to the most efficient resources needed to help stimulate the economy and keep Main Street in business through SBA lines of credit and SBA term loans.  

  • Decisioning rules within SBA functionality guidelines.  
  • Integration to E-Tran. 
  • Workflows that are custom configured for SBA underwriting programs and a workflow checklist designed to match. 
  • Standard report templates available. 

Digital Banking Creating Relationships 

Small businesses need the resources now. Leveraging an online SBA loan solution allows for a personalized relationship to grow through digital means and convert  SBA loan applications into customers quickly. 

  • Baker Hill NextGen® SBA Fast Track empowers you to process applications, easily track the effectiveness of your process, and generate reports anywhere you have an Internet connection. 
  • Baker Hill NextGen® SBA Fast Track supports multiple decision strategies and processes for your business applications. 

Product Overview 

The Coronavirus Impact On Small Business Lending

Learn about critical pillars for successful small business lending during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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