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Baker Hill NextGen® Launches New Banker Application Within Fall 2021 Product Release

9/13/2021 4:23:39 AM

Baker Hill NextGen® Launches New Banker Application Within Fall 2021 Product Release

The company will debut the new module that empowers a financial institution to create profitable loan opportunities more frequently with commercial and small business customers.

CARMEL, IND., (September 13, 2021)Baker Hill, the leading financial technology provider in delivering solutions for loan origination, risk management, and analytics, today announces the launch of the Baker Hill NextGen® Banker Application, a module within its unified platform that allows financial institutions to leverage every touchpoint with its commercial and small businesses customers to capture a loan application efficiently from any location, removing the friction between the gathering of application data and the decisioning of the loan.

This latest innovation from Baker Hill will debut in the fall update of Baker Hill NextGen®, Baker Hill’s end-to-end financial technology platform that incorporates all features of lending, risk management, and analytics into one powerhouse solution. When it comes to their business customers, financial institutions frequently have missed opportunities when it comes to converting those existing businesses into growth opportunities. Often due to the lack of experienced resources at an institution in understanding the business need and matching it to the correct loan product or structure, the Baker Hill NextGen® Banker Application addresses this pain point for banks and credit unions.

“Baker Hill has been evolving to meet the needs of banks and credit unions for over 38 years,” said John Deignan, president and CEO of Baker Hill. “This latest modernization to the solution is an exciting step for what we can do to make the lending processes easier for our clients and their customers, which is always the goal when our team innovates.”

The configurable application can also support cross-sell and upsell opportunities within each financial institution, maximizing each conversation with small business and commercial lending clients to generate growth and profitability. The banker application solution resides within the full Baker Hill NextGen® ecosystem, allowing for a 360-degree view of all business data for the applications. Bankers will gain the ability to validate current information and only gather required data, streamlining the entire process and eliminating keystrokes and potential data errors.

Baker Hill NextGen® Banker Application allows for anyone within a financial institution to process a loan for a business customer. With the purpose-driven product selection of the banker application, the solution’s logic guides the user to the correct choices, allowing bankers to match the applications to the loan types that have been targeted for growth objectives by the institution.

“The banker application allows you to specifically define and configure your individual compliance processing requirements, even in the ever-changing regulatory environment,” said Mike Horrocks, VP of product management for Baker Hill. “This means the bank is guaranteed to have all the details needed to remain compliant at the end of the loan application processes, gaining peace of mind as well as loan growth.”

With over 38 years of industry expertise, Baker Hill is providing state-of-the-art lending and risk management solutions with unparalleled advisory support to both new and existing clients experiencing an increase in demand volume.