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CECL implementation

When it comes to CECL readiness, Baker Hill walks with you through every facet of the process. We leverage our strengths in risk management, portfolio monitoring, and technology to create a CECL solution based on your unique portfolio, institutional profile, and current data environment.

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Our comprehensive guide provides the expert guidance you need to select a CECL partner to ensure sustained growth. Get your CECL implementation questions answered.

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Highlight the products and services that generate profitability and enable your organization to capitalize on their performance.

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  • Dashboard creator and manager
  • Data consolidation
  • Dynamic lists
  • Executive books
  • Executive strategic reports
  • Standard reports generator
  • Behavior analytics
  • Multi-dimensional search
  • ROI analyzer

Auto Decisioning

Baker Hill is the industry leader in delivering automated loan decisioning. With multiple decision strategies that support anything from semi-manual to fully automated process, Baker Hill NextGen increases credit decision efficiencies. Auto Decisioning enforces your institution's credit policy and delivers decisions based on application data, credit scores, a series of credit bureau attributes, and calculated data. Synthesize your credit practices with the speed and technology of Baker Hill NextGen Auto Decisioning to create a winning combination for every lending process your institution supports.

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Automated Tax Return & Financial Statement Processing

With Baker Hill’s Automated Tax Return and Financial Statement Processing you have the ability to eliminated the tedious work of inputting financial statement and tax return data into your statement spreads. We automatically distribute the data from these financial documents to your financial statement spreads to ensure an accurate and consistent approach to analyzing financial risk each and every time.

Business Loan Origination

Manage all of your commercial and small business lending needs — from prospect to deal structure and credit analysis — in a single, web-based platform that automates and streamlines the business lending process.

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  • Judgmental decisioning
  • Pipeline management
  • Correspondence / letters
  • Statement spreading
  • Pricing — ROA, ROE, RAROC
  • Credit memos
  • Credit policy rules
  • Compliant application documents
  • Automatic OFAC (Lexis Nexis)
  • Automatic flood search
  • Pre-funding tracking
  • Post-closing
  • Configurable page templates
    • NADA valuation interface
  • Configurable workflow
  • Automated cash flow calculations
  • Debt service coverage calculations
  • Small business Scoring options
  • Auto-decisioning

Collateral Management

Collateral Management enables your institution to perfect all secured lending simply and efficiently. With a single flow of collateral information captured at the point of origination and carried over to portfolio management, you will never lose sight of your covered risk.

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Commercial Relationship Pricing

Our Commercial Relationship Pricing feature makes Baker Hill NextGen the only commercial lending solution with native pricing and profitability capabilities built right into the solution. Not only will you know you are making the right loan, you'll know you are doing it at a rate that supports your institutional growth goals. Our pricing takes into account the transaction and - more importantly - how the entire relationship can affect the outcome of the loan. Baker Hill NextGen Commercial Relationship Pricing gives you confidence that the return exceeds the risk - each and every time.

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Compliance Doc Prep

Backed by an industry-leading compliance warranty, this end-to-end solution manages the entire loan process from origination to closing to help you take the transaction risk out of lending.

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  • Warranted compliance doc generation
  • Transaction risk management

Construction Loan Origination

Our partnership with Built Technologies makes construction loan origination possible with Baker Hill NextGen, resulting in a seamless experience. Manage and track construction loans from start to completion.

Learn more about our partnership with Built Technologies.

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Consumer Direct & Indirect Loan Origination

Process consumer loans consistently and accurately with a proven, automated origination solution that conforms to your policies, mitigates credit risk and ensures compliance.

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  • Automatic OFAC (Lexis Nexis)
  • Automatic flood search
  • Configurable workflow
  • Configurable page templates
  • Risk based Pricing
  • Scoring — bureau and pooled data
  • Credit policy rules
  • Auto-decisioning
  • Cash flow calculations
  • Debt ratio calculations
  • Compliant application / decision docs
  • NADA valuation interface


Create, manage, and monitor your loan covenants with ease. Our Covenant capabilities allow you to manage and guarantee accurate monitoring and updating of covenants. Combine our Portfolio Management and Projections capabilities with Covenants for a best-in-class solution that leverages active core data to monitor line utilization and other covenants - and see the impact on covenants as financial situations and loan exposure change over time.

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Credit Memo

Our Credit Memo feature is the core of the commercial lending process. With configurable Credit Memo capabilities, we can address the risk appetite of your institution and make sure decision makers have the most complete view of risk to allow them to confidently make very complex decisions. We leverage core data, financial statement analysis, collateral, covenants, and the insights gathered on the borrower to create a Credit Memo that is comprehensive, accurate, and fully compliant. Our 30+ years of leadership in commercial lending ensures you have a credit memo that addresses your lending needs and maximizes opportunities while minimizing institutional risk.

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Attract and retain valuable clientele with a solution that combines business processes and client information across all departments, integrating data into one simple tool.

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  • Opportunity / pipeline management
  • Client / contact management
  • Activity reporting
  • Activities / tasks / calls
  • Outlook Integration
  • Sales correspondence
  • Activity planning (treatment strategy)
  • Email correspondence
  • Prospecting with data
  • Referral management

Customer Portal

The Baker Hill NextGen Customer Portal ensures value-added communications and interactions with your most important assets - your customers. With our white labeled, customer-facing solution, you now have a direct and secure line to your customers, which allows you to control the experience with your brand and your risk appetite. The Customer Portal minimizes time spent in the lending cycle obtaining and reviewing customer documents and adds transparency to the lending process. Baker Hill NextGen Customer Portals allow you to create the communication channels that build trusting relationships.

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Dashboards & Reports

Customizable reports, 360-degree views of the portfolio, and configurable management dashboards are the backbone of Baker Hill NextGen. We designed our solution to give you the reports and dashboards you expect from cutting-edge technology and - most importantly - the insights you need to make your business a success. With Baker Hill NextGen Dashboards and Reports, you can customize each view to what is most important to each individual banker, resulting in a focused view into what matters most.

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Data Interchange

Speed up the loan origination process and improve efficiency by integrating data across platforms and processes.

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  • XML interface
  • Automated doc prep export
  • Imaging system integration

Doc Management

Eliminate waste, generate the correct documents for every situation, and guarantee compliance with Document Management within Baker Hill NextGen. Document Management handles attachments, records system generated documents, and renders those documents in any phase of the lending workflow to ensure a smooth lending process. Coupled with our e-signature feature, your institution can achieve a 100% electronic loan file. With the ability to integrate Baker Hill NextGen with your enterprise imaging system, the document trail is always just a click away.

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Today's consumer expects financial institutions to be nimble and proactive; to make decisions and processes easy; and to give them freedom to act in their own time. The idea of convenience in banking has shifted toward digital products and services that mesh with consumers' smart mobile-empowered lives. The electronic signature option within Baker Hill NextGen allows you to maintain your competitive edge by giving your borrowers the option to sign loan agreements remotely, and providing them with a paperless loan transaction.

Exception Tracking

Automate the portfolio management stage of the relationship cycle while protecting the quality of your loan portfolio with a consistent process for managing risk across all lines of business.

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  • Pre-funding tracking
  • Financial statement tracking
  • Collateral tracking
  • Document tracking
  • Checklists (included with business loan origination software)
  • Policy exception tracking
  • Mass correspondence


Customizable to any business situation, Baker Hill NextGen Forms allow you to create, manage and address all lending and risk management needs. Leveraging our AutoTag functionality, you have access to thousands of data fields that enable you to use native Microsoft plug-ins to create custom documents in Word, PDF, Excel and PowerPoint.

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Every customer is unique - and so is every credit risk. Configure pages within your lending workflow to answer customer questions with Baker Hill NextGen Insights - and be confident with every decision-making scenario. Automate the process with our integrated fraud solutions to match your institution's specific needs for Know Your Customer (KYC) or other compliance programs - all tailored with business rules to ensure a minimally invasive customer experience while creating optimal customer insights.

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Get the highest ROI from your relationships using Baker Hill NextGen® Matrix and Omni Channel Marketing mobile-responsive solutions to evaluate relationships, target key markets, and boost sales and retention.

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  • Targeted modeling
  • Growth strategies
  • Response rate optimization
  • Identify new markets—in both retail and business
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Drive wallet share
  • Demographic append
  • Geographic data append
  • Economic data append
  • Business graphic data append
  • Agri-graphic append
  • Complete analyst support
  • Digital advertising
  • Management and scheduling of targeted campaigns
  • Dynamic lists (target list creation)
  • Marketing results dashboard—with ROI analyzer
  • A/B testing
  • Omni-channel closed loop marketing
  • Omni-channel fulfillment
  • Omni-channel marketing automation
  • Omni-channel message delivery
  • Omni-channel results manager

Mobile Collaboration

Baker Hill NextGen is designed with the mobile banker and customer in mind. Couch-to-bank capabilities allow customers to submit and manage loan submissions on any mobile device, creating unlimited opportunities to reach new customers. Bankers can also take a 360-degree view of customers on the road to address any credit concerns or expansion opportunities with the customer, face-to-face. Baker Hill NextGen leverages mobile technology to ensure you can meet your opportunities right where they are.


Creating new customer relationships is critical. Showing each customer their importance to your institution goes a long way towards developing trust and loyalty. With Baker Hill NextGen Customer Onboarding, you can quickly create and deepen customer relationships. Utilizing business rules and our integrated fraud solutions to match your institution's specific Know Your Customer (KYC) needs and other compliance programs provides a positive first step to the relationship-building process.

Online Account Opening

Baker Hill NextGen uses data captured at the point of origination to seamlessly open customer accounts, regardless of channel. Our partnership with Bolts Technologies speeds up the account opening process and allows customers to open accounts on their own either online or through a mobile application - in less than five minutes for new customers, and 90 seconds for existing. This drastically improves the customer experience and allows bankers to spend more time helping new/existing depositors with other banking business. Reduce overhead and rekeying errors while maximizing customer satisfaction and wallet share with Baker Hill NextGen Online Account Opening.

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Online Lending

Our responsive turnkey Internet application is configured to your brand and accessed right from your website. We also offer two fully-custom solutions (a branch/Intranet option and an Internet option) that pre-populate applicant data and facilitate information sharing.

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  • Small business and consumer direct loan origination features plus
  • Branded to your financial institution
  • Fraud prevention / customer authentication option
  • Data Interchange
  • Automated doc prep export
  • Imaging system integration

Portfolio Risk Management

Manage and automate complex processes across your entire portfolio while maintaining sound credit quality through continuous risk management.

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  • Basic loan rules
  • Basic deposit rules
  • Basic cross-sell rules
  • Basic score rules
  • Advanced loan rules
  • Advanced deposit rules
  • Advanced cross-sell rules
  • Annual review tracking
  • Advanced score rules
  • Trouble debt review tracking


Leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure, Baker Hill NextGen ensures compliance with all regulations, compliance mandates, and security audit concerns. Microsoft Azure guarantees the highest level of physical and digital security in the marketplace. The most sophisticated encryption processes, cloud-shared services, and data redundancy measures assures that your data can be securely managed at any Microsoft datacenter.

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Statement Spreading

Make solid credit decisions with confidence with this core component of the Baker Hill platform that establishes a consistent process for understanding and managing your clients' credit risk through sound financial analysis.

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  • Historical statement spreading
  • Covenants (standard and custom)
  • Statement reporting
  • Credit memo
  • Projections
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Global Cash Flow
  • Stress testing for individuals / portfolio
  • Peer reporting