Effortless operations

Our Small Business Lending solution empowers you to process applications, easily track the effectiveness of your process, and generate reports anywhere you have an Internet connection.

  • Process applications safely and securely through a highly secure processing environment 
  • Web-based accessibility generates reports anywhere you have an Internet connection

Analysis based on your credit policies

Small Business Lending supports multiple decision strategies and processes for your business applications, including:

  • Scored or non-scored/judgmental
  • Autodecision, autodecision with manual review, and always manual review

Integrated financial statement analysis 

Our solution provides the data you need to gain a complete view of every applicant so you make quality lending decisions. 

  • Aggregates personal and business financial history 
  • Uses relevant data as part of the underwriting process

Expedited loan applications

Automate and speed up the application process by prefilling loan applications with applicant information. 

  • Decreases the amount of data entry and training required
  • Reduces the potential for errors


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