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TowneBank Expands, Enhances Collaboration with Baker Hill NextGen®

7/25/2022 8:33:40 PM

Towne Bank has selected Baker Hill NextGen® as its vendor of choice for a holistic, integrated SaaS solution to power it’s lending and portfolio business operations

Baker Hill announced today a revitalized collaboration with TowneBank. The community-minded bank will implement Baker Hill NextGen®, Baker Hill’s unified solution that streamlines loan origination and portfolio monitoring.

Founded in 1999, TowneBank is a community-oriented financial institution focused on delivering the ultimate in customer service that currently has more than 40 banking offices throughout Hampton Roads and Central Virginia, as well as Northeastern and Central North Carolina. As part of its core commitment to its customers and employees, TowneBank is dedicated to providing quality, upscale banking facilities that house the most efficient technology available. By adopting from Baker Hill’s legacy product to Baker Hill NextGen®, TowneBank will continue to develop modern lending proficiencies while streamlining banking operations into the single-solution platform.

“After looking at our options in the marketplace, we selected Baker Hill NextGen® Loan Origination product suite,” said Brad Schwartz, President & Chief Operating Officer at TowneBank. “Baker Hill met our requirements for a timely implementation schedule for consumer, small business, and commercial loans along with all the credit and integration components. In the end, we chose Baker Hill to improve our speed to commitment, speed to closing, and ease of use for our bankers and members.”

An almost 20-year client of Baker Hill, TowneBank’s decision to transition to Baker Hill NextGen® was driven by its commitment to investing in the most effective and enhanced financial technology systems available. Baker Hill’s ability to provide a full advisory services team to provide expert guidance, training, and insights as well as the ease of use of a single, unified solution made Baker Hill the standout choice when it came to TowneBank continuing to partner with Baker Hill.

“We are thrilled to continue expanding our partnership with TowneBank,” said John M. Deignan, president and chief executive officer of Baker Hill. “As the industry moves into the next phase of banking with an increased focused on digital offerings, transforming the way our long-term colleagues serve their customers brings pride to our entire team.”

With over 35 years of industry expertise, Baker Hill is providing state-of-the-art lending and risk management solutions with unparalleled advisory support for community banks and financial institutions.

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