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Stop Calling It Digital Transformation. It’s an Evolution

Digital transformation: what does it mean? It’s often a catch-all buzzword that can mean many different things. According to Techopedia , the phrase was first coined in 2011 by consulting firm, Capgemeni and they define it as “the use of...

Staying Ahead of the Digital Curve: A Must for Community Banks and Credit Unions

The world is constantly evolving, with technology being the driving force behind much of this change. In the banking sector, digital transformation has become a necessity rather than an option. And for executives at community banks and credit unions, the...

Catching the Next Waves in Digital Banking

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the American Banker Digital Banking Conference, and the well-used saying that “the only thing constant is change” has never been truer. It's amazing how some things keep coming in waves. So, let’s...

Reflections from FinXTech — Reinventing Banking

This week I had the opportunity to attend BankDirector’s FinXTech conference with several hundred likeminded bankers and fintech professionals, and if I had to define the theme in my eyes, it is reinvention! When you look at definitions for...

FinTech is Like Climbing Mountains - Not Always Easy, But So Worth It.

This week Baker Hill and hundreds of our clients will all converge in Scottsdale, AZ – the Valley of the Sun! One of the best things about this location is the geographical beauty did it brings - from the landscape...

The Secret to Application & Underwriting Efficiencies

In today’s tight labor market, everyone working in the banking industry is being asked to do more with less , including loan officers. But, how do you maximize performance and results with fewer resources? Many banks are turning to automation...
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