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Mitigating CRE Concentration Risk in 2024

According to a Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis report , market sentiment about the CRE office sector declined sharply over the last two years, with the Bloomberg REIT office property index falling 52% from early 2022 through the third...

Why Now is a Perfect Time for a Credit Department Tune-Up

As bankers are keeping an eye on CRE lending challenges affecting both supply and demand for capital, demand from borrowers is well off the robust pace of lending that many banks saw in 2022. The good news is that...

Lending Policies & Processes that Mitigate Risk in Any Economy

Managing risk is a core component of banking, but the financial landscape today and over the last few years has been especially fraught with risks. Between ongoing competition for deposits, a struggling CRE space as office vacancies surge, and an...

Celebrating 40 Years of Dreaming

Recently, Baker Hill took our clients to "a whole new world" with our annual client conference, Prosper. We even celebrated our 40th anniversary as a company during the event! It was more than an opportunity to discuss interest rates or...

How Will AI Change Lending?

The popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) has skyrocketed since the launch of tools like OpenAI’s conversational chatbot, ChatGPT, which accumulated more than one million users a mere week after going live. ChatGPT effectively brought AI into the mainstream and financial...

Best Practices for Loan Pricing & Structures

Being able to price and structure commercial loans accurately is absolutely critical to a financial institution’s profitability and success, especially when there’s uncertainty around interest rates and overall economic performance as we progress into 2024. A strong credit analyst...
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