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Managing Risk in Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

The Fed made headlines in February with its 8 th interest rate hike in the last year. Consumers and businesses are in a tight squeeze, trying to withstand continued inflation while adjusting to higher interest rates. Not only does the...

Commercial Lending in a Recession: What Credit Unions Should Know

Credit unions reached a milestone in 2022 as commercial loan portfolios passed the $100 billion mark early in the year and continued growing at a solid pace. In only six months, credit union business loan portfolios grew 12.7%, or $12.4...

Optimizing Member Business Lending

The last few years have shown a rapid push into commercial lending by credit unions. That has been driven, in most cases, by a need to source loans due to increased liquidity of the last 2 years. It is also...

Meatloaf Would Do Anything For Love But Never Did CRE Lending

The classic rock star Meatloaf once sang “… Two out of three ain’t bad.” Obviously, Meatloaf never did Commercial Real Estate (CRE) lending. In the second part of this blog series on commercial real estate from Baker Hill and...

“Not Knowing” About Commercial Real Estate Tenants Is Not an Option

See the Big Picture by Integrating Tenant Insights Within Your LOS Warren Buffet famously said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” Sounds like a simple guiding philosophy, right? Yet, in today’s complex Commercial Real Estate (CRE)...

3 Trends Impacting Commercial Real Estate Lending Today

The famous real estate investor that once planned to tear down Carnegie Hall and replace it with a rather boring, but most likely profitable 40-story building once said, “The best investment on earth is earth.” Many would have said that...
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