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Why a Loan Origination System is a Critical Part of Digital Transformation

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of buzzwords/tech speak. AI, big data, “the cloud”, machine learning, digital transformation, etc. What do they even mean? Without applied application, we’re just bandying about terms that have little to no meaning. Let’s look...

How to Personalize Banking with Lending Software

Over the last couple of years, borrowers have voluntarily and not so voluntarily changed the way they interact with financial institutions. The rise of digital touchpoints is more common now than ever before and will continue to push the banking...

Lending Software Solution Spotlight: Commercial Loan Origination

Selecting a lending software solution is one of the most important decisions your financial institution will make, especially when it comes to a commercial loan origination system. The right tool allows a financial institution to address all its commercial lending...

Lessons on Commercial Lending From “A Christmas Story”

If you turn on the TV in December, chances are you can catch a movie marathon of “A Christmas Story” airing at any time of the day. Set in the 1940’s in Indiana, this classic holiday movie follows Ralphie (who...

The Top 10 Features Shared by All the Best Lending Software Solutions

You can’t figure out what’s the best lending software solution for your financial institution unless you check each option to see how it handles the most essential loan management tasks. The ten most important features to review include: ...

Is It the Right Time to Upgrade Your Commercial Loan Origination System?

When it comes to significant software purchases like a commercial loan origination system, is there every really a perfect time to upgrade? You might be torn between waiting for a booming market when loan volume is high or waiting for...
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